Emotional Management

CCCSA regularly organizes emotional health seminars and group trainings. Activities include emotional management skills training to help participants relieve stress and regulate their emotions. Through a series of eight training sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Strengthen their ability to cope with stress
  • Foster individual physical and mental wellness
  • Optimize their decision-making capacity
  • Improve memory and concentration

Speakers: Dr. Lani Liu
Dr. Liu mainly focuses on emotional psychological well-being; experienced in cognitive behavioral therapy and had organized many mental health promotion services.


Emotional Management Seminar

Intro to Mindfulness, which would help in stress management and emotional health. Mindfulness is a mental capacity that can be improved by training and practicing. A lot of scientific research show that people who have higher mental capacity can have a healthier physical and mental health; they are better with stress management; excel in decision-making and memorizing.


Emotional Management Group

This is open to participants who would like to learn and practice Mindfulness as a way for stress relaxing. Participants can also enhance their skill in emotional management, decision-making and memorizing.

Emotional Management Retreat:  Focus, Calm, Relaxing

Explore more about stress management and emotional health together as a group. With the mindfulness training, we can improve our mental capacity, relax ourselves from stress, and enhance our psychological resiliencies.