Family Program

Our Family Program facilitates the integration of individuals and families into Canadian society. We provide social support as well as educational programs (i.e. parenting, inter generational gaps, etc.)  for immigrant families. We aim to help immigrant families who would like to develop effective parenting skills, improve parent-child relationships, and have the desire to experience personal growth throughout the process.

4-Week Long Parenting Skills Training

CCCSA has been actively promoting effective parenting skills specifically to Chinese parents who might be confronted with different challenges and difficulties parenting their teenagers children. Life Skills Training is one of the evidence based approaches we adopt as helps to reduce risk behaviors such as smoking, it also increases resiliency so students know how to make better life choices. This model also helps parents to gain effective parenting skills. CCCSA has been running a LST parenting group and the goals of this group include:

  • Develop Family Management Skill
  • Build up Effective Family Communication
  • Being a Good Role Model for Children
  • Use Appropriate Discipline
  • Build up Support Network and Share Resource

Training will run for four weeks.

Course Features:
To examine relations within the family through discussion, sharing, and case management.

Seminar date:
To be determined

To be decided

Please contact Calgary Chinese Community Service Association (403)265-8446 for more information.