Online Quiz

CCCSA’s Law & Advocacy Program hosted its 3rd Annual Chinese Legal Knowledge Quiz Competition on Friday, November 17. Three groups from Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) and CCCSA took part in the Competition. Participants answered questions on a variety of topics, including: family law, immigration and citizenship, landlord-tenant rights, city bylaws, and more. At the end of the Competition, awards for first, second, and third place were presented by MLA for Calgary-Northern Hills Jamie Kleinstueber and Calgary Legal Guidance’s Volunteer Manager, Kim Feodoroff. We extend our sincere thanks to all volunteers, guests and staff for making this event possible.
If you missed this event, or are interested in testing your legal knowledge, an online version of this Quiz is available here for public access. Please note that all details provided in the Online Quiz are information only, and not to be construed as legal advice.