Spring Camp 2018- What we did!

Spring Camp 2018

In March, CCCSA held her annual 1-week School’s Out Let’s Shout Spring Camp for all children between age 6-12 years. We received an overwhelming response during the January and February registration period and had a robust group of campers who attended during this year’s Spring Break.

This year’s theme was STEM Scientists. Children embarked on a learning journey that comprised of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics infused activities, using common items that can be found at home. They were exposed to various problem solving scenarios like building a rollercoaster using straws and they learnt about gravity and inclined planes in the process.

They also created a Geometric Gumdrop dome out of toothpicks and gumdrops, thus understanding about the stable and strong triangular structural shapes that architects rely on when planning and building sturdy buildings. The famous scientist Leonardo da Vinci was also brought to life, when the children created their own version of the Vitruvian Man, allowing them to delve deeper into the understanding of the mysteries of the Golden Ratios in a human body.







Everyone had a blast during this camp, and the week ended off with a field trip to Telus Spark and they discovered more about robots used in real life through the viewing of a Dome Show. It was a fantastic experience for all the children and volunteers throughout and we look forward to seeing many of these kids at our Summer Camp that will be held in July and August 2018! For further details on our Summer Camp registration, please contact summercamp@cccsa.ca.

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