Story Telling Group

The purpose of the ‘Senior’s Story Telling Circle’ is to increase senior’s social participation and inclusion. Senior volunteers will use ‘storytelling’ to engage other ethnic seniors who are new to the country to share with them their immigration stories.  When senior story tellers have an opportunity to use their life experience to create a positive impact on other’s life, their self- esteem plummets and a sense of achievement gained.
Through their own stories, story tellers stimulate participants to think about themselves and communicate their own stories, thoughts and feelings. The process is to encourage active participation and increase engagement.

Recently, CCCSA has interviewed 3 new comers who are Mr.
SzeTo, Mr. Chi and Mr. Wong at the FM94.7 Fairchild radio station.

You could click the links below to listen to their immigration stories.

After immigrated to Canada, Mr. Szeto decided to live at a small town. What makes him to give up the myriad life of the metropolis?

Mr. Chi started his family in Calgary. How did he strike a balance between Chinese family values and western education of his daughter?

Mr. Wong immigrated to Canada with Artist Title. Why would he give up those connections and networks in Hong Kong?

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