Summer Camp 2017

By Keith Ong,

Children and Youth Program Coordinator


CCCSA Children and Youth program conducts its annual 6 weeks long summer camp from July 3rd till August 11th. Through these 6 weeks, campers engage in various fun filled games and activities that promote team bonding, communication as well as social skills.


This year, we have received overwhelming response and spots were quickly filled up before June. There was a good mix of campers that had been with us for past summer camps as well as new campers.


Every week has a different theme which appeals to the campers. For example, the Week 3 – “One World” week allows campers to experience different cultures of different countries in the world. Through our community partners, our little campers get to experience various cuisines such as South American pupusas, Middle Eastern shawarma, Korean BBQ and Thai pad thai.


What set us aside from the other summer camps is our wide variety of daily activities. Not one day is a boring day at CCCSA Summer Camp. Through craft and experiments like Oobleck, making gigantic bubbles, lava lamps and elephant toothpaste, our little campers marvelled at how interesting activities can be done with basic household items.


Our little campers get to go on different field trips which allows them to experience different parts of Calgary. From zipping down the Olympic park in a luge, taking photos with the giraffes in the zoo to letting the breeze blow on your face on the steam train at Heritage Park to attending a Muay Thai lesson by a professional trainer, these interesting experiences will be forever etched in their memories.


In Week 6, or CampOut week, we brought 29 super excited campers 3 hours south of Calgary on an overnight camp at Camp Impeesa. Together with the help of dedicated staff at Scouts Canada, the campers ziplined across the Beaver Mines Lake with the mountains as the perfect backdrop.  They learnt about supporting one another during the low ropes element. Campers also threw Tomahawks as well as have their hand in archery. The stinky outhouse, the inconvenience of not having wifi and the absence of daily comforts may have been a concern for all of us but the memories they have made and the friendships they have forged during this trip will definitely go a long way.


In 2018, apart from the day camps and the children’s overnight camp, CCCSA will be introducing a new 3 Days 2 Nights camp just for youth. So to all the youth out there, we’ve heard you! Come join us in 2018! It’s going to be craaaazzzy!


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