Summer Camp- Note to Parents

Summer Camp 2018



Note to Parent

Welcome to CCCSA Summer Camp. There will be many exciting activities each day. Campers will learn about themselves, about the world around them through activities, field trips and interactions with peers and the volunteers.

Drop off and pick up

  1. Dropoff and pickup: Dropoff and pickup will be at 9am and 4pm respectively at Bridgeland Riverside Community Association. (During the pickup and dropoff, you may parked your vehicle at the parking lot next to BRCA)
    Address: 917 Centre Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0C6
  2. Late Pickup and Dropoff: Campers may not arrive before 845am and must be picked up promptly at 4pm. If for any reason, you are running late, please contact CCCSA at 403-265-8446
  3. Sick and illness: If your child becomes ill during camp hours, the parent/guardian will be notified to immediately pick up the child.
  4. Cancellations and Refunds:

    *does not apply to 3D2N camp


page1image10768 page1image11544



More than 2 weeks before the July 3rd


Full refund less a 30% processing fee


Less than 7 days BEFORE start date

Full refund less a 40% processing fee


During the Camp with Doctor’s note


Pro-Rated refund*

During the Camp without Doctor’snote


No refund

  1. Lunch/Snacks: Campers are required to bring their own lunch, snacks and plenty of cool drinks for each day unless otherwise stated
  2. Allergy: Due to dangers of an allergic reaction, lotions, ointments over the counter medications, sunscreen, cannot be administered by our staff.
  3. Campout! Week: Do note that CampOUT II starts on Wednesday(July 4th) till Friday (July 6th). There will be no activities on July 2nd and 3rd. CampOUT I starts on Wednesday (July 11th) till Friday (July 13th). There will be no activities on July 9th and 10th
  4. Activities: All field trips are mandatory for all participants in attendance. Children may choose not to participate in the activity but must attend the field trip.
  5. Program: Please note that CCCSA staff reserve the right to modify and change programming and structure of the camp to accommodate a variety of needs and unforeseen circumstances.

Extra things to note:

Week 1: CampOUT II
1. Participants will require to be at least 11 years old.
2. Packing list is on page 3, they do not require to bring envelope and stamps
3. Please fill in Scouts Canada Parent/Guardian consent form on last page of registration form
4. Potential and chosen participants that are 15 years and older will undergo volunteer training and be schedule to volunteer for the Week 3 to Week 6 day camp

Week 2: CampOUT I
1. Participants have to be below 12 years old and preferably above 8 years old.
2. Packing list is on page 3
3. Please fill in Scouts Canada Parent/Guardian consent form on last page of registration form

Week 3: One World Week
1. Participants will need to bring lunch on Friday. 2. Please indicate any food allergies

Week 4: Kids Alive
1. Parents will need to fill Indemnity form from Extreme Air Trampoline Park and Injanation. Forms can be obtained from our office or requested via email –

Week 6: Aye Discover
1. There will be NO summer camp activities on August 6th Monday as it is a holiday.
2. Participants are going to Telus Spark on August 10th Friday. Dropoff and pickup will be at Telus Spark instead of Bridgeland Riverside Community Association.

Things to bring

3 Days 2 Nights Camp




page3image5784 page3image6104


page3image7296 page3image7616


Tshirts/Tops (lighter colours do not attract bugs)


page3image11160 page3image11480


Jacket & Warm Sweater



Long sleeve shirts

page3image16568 page3image16888




page3image20192 page3image20512



Underwear and socks

page3image24688 page3image25008

3 Days supply

page3image26016 page3image26336


Long pants and Shorts

2 each


Runners and Sandals

page3image32424 page3image32744

1 pair

page3image33712 page3image34032


Sunglass/Sunscreen/Lip balm/Insect Repellent

page3image38240 page3image38560


page3image39752 page3image40072


Ziplock bag containing toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, toiletries, etc

1 set


Flashlight with working batteries

page3image46376 page3image46696


page3image47624 page3image47944


Face Cloth and Bath Towel



Plastic Bag for dirty laundry

page3image53152 page3image53472



Paper, Addressed envelopes and stamps

page3image57728 page3image58048


page3image58976 page3image59296


Lunch for first day


page3image62888 page3image63208

Things not to bring

No Jewellery

No Valuables

No Money

No cellphones, gaming devices, portable music players eg.iPods, iPads

No Knives, matches, lighters

Nothing that will be missed terribly if lost

Strictly no other extra food/snacks/candies