CCCSA Membership

CCCSA Membership – Common Questions

Question 1: I am already a CCCSA Member. How does this affect me?

Answer: This will depend on the date you purchased your existing CCCSA Membership. If your join date is 2018 or earlier, a new registration fee must be paid to continue. If your join date is in 2019, the registration fee will be waived if you wish to transfer to the new Membership. A new CCCSA Membership Application Form will need to be completed. No action is required if you wish to discontinue.

Question 2: How long does the new Membership last?

Answer: The new Membership is a yearly commitment, commencing on July 1, 2019, until June 30, 2020. Renewal for the next period will begin May 1, 2020.

Question 3: How do I register?

Answer: To register, please submit a complete CCCSA Membership Application Form, along with the registration fee, in person at CCCSA.

Question 4: What happens to my personal information when I register?

Answer: The information you entrust to us will be kept confidential, and only be used for the purposes of membership registration, and contacting you about membership-related updates.

Question 5: I misplaced my CCCSA Membership Card. What can I do?

Answer: If your CCCSA Membership Card has been misplaced or lost, please visit us at our office, and our Staff will issue you a new Card. To ensure that no two Cards are duplicated, a new Membership Number will be assigned to you. Your records will also be updated with these changes. No replacement fee will be charged.

Question 6: What’s the difference between the existing and new Memberships?

Answer: The new Membership seeks to provide people with more opportunities to connect with others, develop relationships with community members, and celebrate those who continue to support us. We have also added ‘feature benefits’ from participating sponsors, and CCCSA Programs & Services. For more detail, please refer to the Membership package.

Question 7: Where can I submit questions and feedback about Membership?

Answer: We always appreciate questions and feedback. Any inquiries can be directed to us during office hours by phone (403) 265-8446 or in person at 1406 Centre Street NE.

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