Chinese Community Safety Project

CCCSA is working on crime prevention initiatives to maintain low crime rates. The safety project includes the mural project, mural tour, community cleanup, safety seminars etc. Through a series of planned events, CCCSA intends to improve awareness of personal safety and crime alertness. This will create a sense of safety and security within the Chinese Community


Mural Project & Mural Tours

Mural Project is meant to discourage vandalism by placing beautiful murals in Chinatown. Mural tours are also conducted as a means to attract attention to the murals in areas that have higher crime traffic. This will increase the traffic of pedestrian and allow higher crime traffic areas to be monitored by the community.


Chinatown Clean Up Event  

Another initiative is the Chinatown Clean up Event, which is meant to restore and beautify the community. This will create a better overall image and enhance the welcomeness of Chinatown.



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