Community Helpers Program

What is the Community Helpers Program?

The Community Helpers Program (CHP) is a free program that has been designed to increase the knowledge of the participants and the support provided by the professional community.

The CHP finds “natural helpers”, individuals whom youth seek and talk to when they have a problem, issue, or mental health concern. These helpers can be anyone associated with youth such as friends, teammates, coaches, neighbors, parents, teachers, etc. The CHP identifies and works with these participants to strengthen their natural abilities with training, connecting them with resources, and providing ongoing support. CHP teaches helpers a wide variety of skills including: the helping skill, handling crisis, how to set limits, self-care, communication, active listening skills, and much more. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

The helpers do not become therapists or counsellors but better equipped to cope and help solve problems youth and themselves, may face.

Anticipated Outcomes:

· Increased knowledge and skills of participating Community Helpers

· Increased support provided by the professional community

· Helpers will know how to identify the signs of someone who needs help and connect them to a professional

· Helpers will have effective communication skills, especially listening and questioning

· Helpers will know how to self-care and set limits and boundaries

· Helpers will continue being supportive and supported 

How Do I Become a Community Helper?

Community helpers are nominated by their peers through an anonymous survey or are self-identified. Helpers then attend a Community Helpers training workshop or sessions. Workshops and sessions are also available upon request. Community Helper modules can also be offered as hourly presentations.

For more information on the Community helpers training, education program, or to book Community Helpers training, please email

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