English Literacy

Stepping Stones: English Literacy Program

Language barrier has always been a challenge for those who have just immigrated to Canada. In order to help immigrants to enhance their English ability and get accustomed to the language, the Stepping Stone ESL Class in CCCSA is held three times a year. Specifically designed for beginners, the English class is taught by professional instructors who will use English and Chinese as the language of teaching. Throughout the course, the instructors will use both languages to assist students in understanding the basics of English. Furthermore, the course also aims to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Stepping Stone ESL class is comprised of three levels ranging from beginner, intermediate and advance. Depending on the students’ level, they will be allocated into different classes. In addition, we also offer a pre- and pro-test to track students’ performance and improvements.

Recruitment for ESL Stepping Stone Class usually starts every February, May, September and each semester is 3 months long.

Should you are interested in joining our ESL classes; please call (403)265-8446 for further information and registration.

 Stepping Stone کلاسهای ابتدای

بلدیت و فهمیدن زبان انگلسی یکی از اولین مشکلات هست که ،مهاجرین که تازه به کانادا سفر مینمایند، روبرو میشوند

بدین لحاظ کلاسهای ستپپینگ ستون، که توسط جامعه چینی‌ شهر کلگری ساخته میشوند، سه بار در سال برگزار میگردد. این کلاسها مخصوصأ به کسانیکه برای اولین بار زبان انگلسی‌ را میآموزند تهیه میگردد که در این دوره معلمین به زبانهای انگلسی‌ و دری برای فهمیدن اصول زبان انگلسی‌ به شاگردان کمک مینمایند

علاوه بر این، هدف این کلاسها بهبود مهارت شنوای، صحبت نمودن، خواندن و نوشتن دانش آموزان میباشد

ثبت نام برای این کلاسها در ماه‌های فبروری، می‌‌ و سپتامبر برگزار میگردد

برای معلومات بیشتر و یا ثبت نام با فرد مسول به تماس شوید

نظیفه حکیمی

هماهنگ کننده برنامه

+1-639-571-0423 : شماره تلفون

Computer Enhanced ESL Program

Computer Enhanced ESL Program is a multicultural program that offers free English instruction to Canadian Citizens, and Permanent Residents with low literacy. The aim of “Computer-Enhanced ESL Literacy” is twofold:

1) to reach financially barriered adult ESL learners who have low level literacy skills and who demonstrate a need for further educational opportunities, and

2) to effectively include technological skills within adult ESL literacy learning.

This program offers ESL literacy instruction taught by qualified instructors with a focus on increasing learners’ reading, writing, listening and speaking and digital literacy and aims to help learners gain confidence when interacting in the community and when using digital technologies. It also aims to make learners more independent when interacting in the community.

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