Summer Camp FAQ


Q: How old should my child be to enroll for the overnight camp?

A: This year, we open up the camp to children from ages 8 to 14 years old. Children that are slightly below this age may be accepted if they have an elder brother or sister in this camp. This is also dependent on availability.


Q: What will my child be doing during the camp?

A: Our campers will engage in various outdoor activities such as canoeing, rock climb, zip line, archery as well as stargazing, cabin life etc. They will be sleeping in log cabins with wooden beds. They will however need to bring a sleeping bag. in 2017, the campers will be engaging in new activities.

Q: What if my child gets homesick?

A: Homesickness is a common occurrence at summer camp and we embrace it as a growth in development for campers. Our camp staff are trained to help campers through times of missing home and work through those emotional times.


Q: How does my child get to camp?

A: Dropoff will be at Bridgeland Riverside Community Association at 9am. The bus will leave Bridgeland at 930am. Pickup will be at 4pm. If there is a delay on the last day because of traffic, we thank you for your patience. We are 2.5 hours away from Camp Impeesa. There will be no aftercare for this week.

What forms do I need to complete for my child?

All campers require the summer camp registration form, physical fitness form and the Scouts Canada parent/guardian consent form. Please click here for our registration form!

Q: What do I do if my camper has medication?

A: At camp we take medication and camper medical care as high priority. Our camp staffs have been instructed not to issue any forms of medication

Q: Should I send money with my camper?

A:Money is not necessary at camp for campers to bring along. There is no tuckshop or souvenir shop for the campers to buy anything.

Q: Does my camper need a cell phone or electronics?

A: Due to the location of camp cell phone coverage does not exist and parents should leave the cell phones and other devices that transmit a signal at home. Other electronics like iPods, tablets or similar should also be left at home. CCCSA is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Q: Does my camper need to bring food or snacks?


A: Campers will need to bring only ONE LUNCH for the first day. The rest of the meals will be provided for. We highly discouraged campers in bringing snacks or treats for the camp.



Q: Can campers take a shower at camp?



A: The campers will be using the shower at the central washhouse. It comes with cubicles with hot and cold water available.

Q: Can campers call home?



A: At camp we encourage campers to focus on the adventures of the day and hold onto all those memories of camp to share with family and friends when they return home. Camp staff are here to help at times when campers are missing loved ones at home.

Q: What are Medical and First Aid Care available?

A: At Camp Imp

eesa we have access to 911 and local medical facility is just 30 minutes away. Camp Impeesa keeps a well-stocked supply of first aid equip


ment on site and provide private space for campers who may not be feeling well during camp session.

Q: What is the address of Camp Impeesa

Beaver Mines Lake
Pincher Creek No.9

Q: Why do I need to prepare paper addressed envelope and stamps?

Through the overnight camp, our campers will appreciate the little things that we usually take for granted in our daily life. During the last day of Summer Camp, they will be writing a letter back home and this will be mailed back to you after the Summer Camp.

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