Front Desk Services

The Front Desk Service at CCCSA is one of the most important gateways in our centre. Clients will be receiving the first-hand information and assistance from our volunteers at the Front Desk area. Our Service includes:

Information and Referral

Front Desk Information and Referral Service is open and accessible for everyone in the community. Front Desk volunteers will be serving community members by offering assistance and answering different inquiries either through telephone or in person.  Depending on the clients’ questions and needs, volunteers will provide different information regarding to the community and other service providers. This is to ensure that immigrants, seniors and those who are experiencing language barrier in the mainstream society will have an equal access to the available social resources.

Program Introduction and Registration

CCCSA offers different social programs and activities throughout the year. Font Desk Volunteers will offer a detailed introduction about the programs and respond to other associated inquiries. Volunteers will also help to register individuals to these programs and activities should clients wish to do so.

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer is the most important human resources in CCCSA. We welcome everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, to come and join our volunteer team. Volunteering is a fun way to enjoy and enrich lives. It is also a great way to enhance personal growth as well as contributing to the betterment of the community. Volunteers at Front Desk will be able to introduce you the most updated volunteer vacancies and assisting you to fill out the application form.

Application for Government Programs/Services

CCCSA will help individuals with limited English ability to fill out different government program application forms. We encourage clients to give the center a call and know about the pre-requisites of each government program before proceeding to CCCSA. Clients are also strongly recommended to bring all of the necessary documents needed for completing an application.

CCCSA’s Front Desk is a convenient platform of different community services. It also serves an important role of enhancing our center’s administration. We welcome everyone to come and visit us or give us a phone call at (403) 265 8446 for further details.

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