Interpretation Services

Approaching mainstream service can be difficult for people whose mother-tongue is not English. There can be lots of frustration and misunderstanding. For example, some people whose English is not so good may find it hard to explain their situations, and even though there are people out there to help, it is difficult to get what others are advising. The difficulties in communication had created barriers for some people to access service. Interpretation service of CCCSA is to act as a bridge to facilitate Chinese who are without other available support to access mainstream services through language support.

“I have to consult specialist for my disease, but as I don’t know how to speak English, I do not understand what they are telling me.’ Mei Yee

What is interpretation service?

Interpretation service of CCCSA is provided by a group of trained interpreters who devote their time to offer assistance to Chinese in facing their everyday difficulties.

Applications are accepted on a non-discriminatory basis, provided that they are members of CCCSA. But CCCSA may not be able to provide services if:

·         There is no available volunteer interpreters

·         Applicant have other resources available

·         The nature of service requested cannot be provided by CCCSA

Who can benefit from interpretation service?

Requests to use the services of the CCCSA’s Volunteer Interpretation Service can be from:

(1)   Clients: individual community members or their family members on their behalf or

(2)   Agencies: other social service agencies, and organizations.

If the request for an interpreter is for an appointment with Calgary Health Region (CHR) hospitals or clinics, then CCCSA will assist the client to secure a Medical Interpreter from the CHR.

How does interpretation work?

A minimum of 2weeks’ notice should be provided to the assigned CCCSA staff to find an available Volunteer Interpreter. No guarantee can be given at the time of the request. If the amount of time given is insufficient, the assigned CCCSA staff reserves the right to refuse the request. However, in emergency or crisis situations, all efforts will be made by the assigned CCCSA staff or alternative to locate a Volunteer Interpreter. Providing the service will always depend on the availability of the Volunteer Interpreters. Priority will be given to emergency, crisis, medical situations and those involving the health and mental wellbeing of individuals and or families.

Who are the interpreters?

Volunteers devote their time to offer services to people who require interpretation service. These volunteers are trained to provide the service with professionalism, ethical conduct, and maintaining confidentiality for the parties involved.

What are the costs for using interpretation service?

The interpretation service is free of charge, but a $15 will be required to cover the traveling expenses of the Volunteer Interpreter. The volunteer interpreters are providing their time, free of charge in order to make available this service.

If an applicant requesting the use of the interpreter services but has demonstrated financial constraints that prevent payment, all fees will be waived.

How can I access interpretation service?

Call CCCSA at 265-8446 for our interpretation service.

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