Mission & Vision


  • It is important to preserve our Chinese heritage, while focussing on service activities that give clients and members the opportunity to reach their full potential in a Canadian setting and more particularly in Calgary.
  • We celebrate both shared heritage and diversity among Chinese Canadians.
  • All Calgary residents of Chinese heritage have unique needs that require ethno-specific services.
  • We focus on community members of Chinese heritage but also reach out to other cultural groups and facilitate cross-cultural exchanges and service provision.
  • Residents are entitled to have access to all services.
  • It is important to acknowledge and promote contributions of Chinese Canadians in Canadian Society.
  • We can play a role in building a more inclusive Canadian society.
  • We celebrate mentorship and collaboration.
  • We complement other services and organizations within the Calgary Chinese community.



To create a vibrant and integrative community by bridging the Chinese community, other ethnic communities, and mainstream society.



The Calgary Chinese Community Service Association (CCCSA) envisions an inclusive and supportive society, where Calgarians of all ethnic origins have full and equitable access to all aspects of Canadian society.

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