Afterschool Program Reviews!
Thanks for showing us the importance of leadership — Navi, 13
You help us grow and learn new things everytime we are together — Tia, 13
Why i like supercool? Because everyone’s friendly, you get to make new friends and you always have something new to do everyday….everything is always awesome — Kylie, 12
I like the fun games and funny people – Kayden, 11
World Culture Society

I joined World Culture Society because I wanted to make more friends. Through this program, I learnt a lot about Asian culture as I made many Asian friends in this club. I never felt left out. I enjoyed learning about new cultures and traditions and now I have many friends from all races! My most memorable session was when Adrena brought mooncakes and we got to taste such a great dessert! Food is the best way to understand a culture.

Claudia, Italy

I enjoyed this club so much because everyone was so encouraging. Especially when I shared about my Japanese origami traditions and taught them how to fold a tsuuru (origami paper crane), everyone paid close attention and clapped loudly after my presentation. I know my English is not clear but I tried my best and it was a good experience. In the future, I would like to share about Japanese tea customs and the onsen (public baths) experience.

Miku, Japan

Through this club, I learnt about different ways of thinking through the sharing of all the various cultures. I also made many new friends through our visits to Heritage Park and watching hockey games as part of this club. The presentation of my Italian culture, where I’m from (Piemonte) was a very interesting one. I am proud to share about my culture and to know that everyone enjoyed hearing about it is also very encouraging.

Rebecca, Italy

Through this club, I got to know more about the cultures of my neighbouring Asian countries. I feel more connected, especially now as I am living in another country (Canada), I feel more proud of my heritage. Also, as we are the minority in Canada, I feel good meeting people who understand how I am feeling and what I am going through. The different types of food that we get to try is the best part about this club. I like that we get to have practical hands-on experience making the food like onigiri and Vietnamese rolls.

Tam, Vietnam

Summer Camp Reviews!
Our kids had such a wonderful time at the CCCSA summer camps!  They would both tell us on what they did at camp and they were so excited to go back the next day. My son, who is quiet and shy at times loved it!  The staff made him feel comfortable. My kids really loved all the staff there. They did some really fun activities. It’s very well organized and the staff are all very professional and great with the kids.  One thing I really appreciated was that CCCSA would post some pictures on what the kids did that day on their Facebook page. It was nice to see what the kids were up to and being able to talk to them afterwards on what they did at camp!  Thank you CCCSA for organizing such a wonderful summer camp for the kids. We will see you guys for Spring camp!! Keep up the good work! 


Susan Ngo, Parent

非常感谢cccsa带给了孩子们一个快乐的假期。我的女儿和儿子参加了六周cccsa的summer camp,每天回家他们都兴奋并快乐的给我讲述在summer camp那些有趣的科学小实验和游戏。每周两到三次的field trip也是他们所喜欢的,很多的地方都是他们期盼已久想要去的。One world week带他们领略到各个国家不同的文化和美食,他们也是记忆深刻。Overnight camp更是一个小高潮,由期盼到激动,到兴奋,再到回味,三天的时间让他们玩到high,学到high。做为父母的我们看到每天孩子们脸上的笑容,我们也可以体会到他们在cccsa的快乐,再次感谢cccsa!感谢所有的工作人员!

Jessica Li, Parent

My children went to CCCSA Summer Camp for the second time. They met new friends and did activities that they hadn’t tried before. They especially loved the “One World!” theme week, they could learned different country’s cultural, language and foods etc.  They both had a wonderful time and couldn’t wait to go back next year. Thanks again for all the camp helpers, you guys all did a great job! Thanks!

Idy Ma, Parent


Jin Meng, Parent
my son absolutely LOVED the 6 week summer camp offered by the CCCSA. The camp leaders and organizers made each week a fun and exciting experience. I especially loved that the kids got to go to super places for field trips each week. I only wish that the camps run longer than 6 weeks! I am disappointed to hear that next year will only be 5 wks for my son but regardless we will be back!
Jessica Prichard, Parent

CCCSA’s summer camps are very lively in every activity they thought out like water balloon fights, trampoline parks and an amazing camping week. Their leaders and volunteers are super friendly and always gives us something to laugh about. Definitely coming for another year!

Quiana and Sharina Cheng, Campers
The summer camps were great this year. The field trips were new, fun and exciting places and Alfred had a really good time. Alfred had a lot of fun and he made so many new friends. He really likes the summer camps and cannot wait to go back next year.
Thank You
Howie Truong, Parent
This is my daughter’s 2nd year attending CCCSA overnight summer camp.  She is a quiet, shy girl, but the staff and volunteers are so friendly and welcoming, which puts her at ease to open-up and make friends with the other campers.  Through a wide variety of activities such as archery, canoeing, zip‑lining and rock climbing her confidence has grown.  She is more willing to step out of her comfort zone and “give it a go” on new things.
CCCSA Staff and Volunteers are very knowledgeable and trained.  They like to show the youngsters how to have a good time while still being kids, make good choices, being helpful, respect each other, and teach them about team work.  This is displayed in the Crate Stacking activity where the youths demonstrated trust and team work from start to finish. Thank you for instilling these fundamental values in our youths to be good role models for others.
My daughter is super excited for Summer 2019 Overnight Camp and can’t wait to see what the amazing staff at CCCSA has planned.
-Heather (parent)

在北美暑假是小朋友的一大盛事。有著五花八門的夏令營可以選擇。去年因為朋友的推薦CCCSA, 除了價錢誘人重點是活動非常精彩。去年孩子參加夏令營結束後,孩子們就耳提面命的今年夏天要再參加一次。





 CCCSA的夏令營真的是一個很棒的選擇。孩子已經跟我說了2020的夏天她們還要再參加一次。她們也希望她門遠在台灣的表妹們,可以一起過來和她們感受,在加拿大的美好。今天我們經過CCCSA辦公室的門口,孩子興奮的說要去跟Keith說哈囉。我知道這個營隊肯定在孩子的心裡面種下一顆開心的種子Thanks to CCCSA Thanks to Keith

-Angel Hung



Spring Camp reviews!

Volunteering for the Spring Camp is definitely a fun and amazing experience. I got to work with a group of friendly children – helping them accomplish tasks and projects that are entertaining and educational. One of my favorite moment volunteering was going to Telus Spark with my group. We were able to look and interact with different science fairs. The most memorable part in Telus Spark is getting to experience a 360-degree cinema that featured Pandas! I believe that all kids have enjoyed their stay in camp and they left wiser and knowledgeable. I am eager and excited to volunteer again for another Spring Camp next year.

Grant Graza, volunteer

I was just an international student who came to Canada on this January. It was busy and little bit tough for me to adjust to the new environment. So I planned to rest during the spring break, but I wanted to try something new at the same time. Luckily, I joined a club with my friends and I had a chance to volunteer. To be honest, I was so nervous even until the morning of my first day of volunteering. I was always bad at caring and playing with younger brothers. Since I was not fluent in English yet, I have even imagined the situation that I and the children cannot communicate well. However, the first day went quite smoothly. Going to the TELUS Spark was one of my worries, too, but it was a day that I could enjoy with the children because they looked so happy to be in there. They reminded the memory I went to a museum with my parents. I still remember one of the children in my team asked me to do a game in the museum together. I was surprised and quite proud because I felt like I got closer to the children. I could learn a lot while I teach and take care of the children. I also appreciate that I made friends from this. In the middle school of Korea, it is essential to do volunteering, so I used to do it in the library. All I had to do was putting the book in the right place, so I did not feel it was volunteering. I am so glad to do the real ‘volunteering’ with various people. I think it was a bit of a reckless challenge because everything was so new for me. However, I believe that it is always better to do it than not even I regret. This experience demonstrated it again. It was such a great experience that I wouldn’t regret. It was so meaningful to learn more and help someone at the same time. I want to volunteer again if I had a chance.

Olivia Jin, volunteer

Volunteering is an important aspect of high school; however, none of the volunteering opportunity compares to what I experienced in the spring camp. I spent 5 days with kids that are half my age. I thought I was not going to enjoy the activities because kids always have too much energy, but to my surprise, the children are very respectful and the activities are fun and full of learning opportunities. We went to the science centre as well as the airport, both were places of great learning and fun. For the rest of the days, we spend in a safe environment and did things like paint, make paper volcanoes and playground time all after supervision. I was disappointed when I only get to spend 5 days with the children and was quite sad when the program is over as we all felt inseparable from the relationship we have built with the kids. Overall definitely worth your time to try out and memories to cherish forever.

Michael Liu, volunteer 

I’m Lily Xie from Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School and I became one of the teen volunteers for spring camp in March this year. It was my first time taking care of kids that are not much younger than me, first time being a leader as well as a role model for the children. I was quite nervous at first, however, my concerns disappeared immediately once I saw their cute faces and innocent smiles. Gradually I got along with the kids very well, and I felt that I was not only a leader, but also a member involved in our Easter team.  Sophia(you might hide the name) didn’t feel like talking a lot at first, but throughout that week, she started talking to her peers eventually and made some really nice friends. During those five days, every member of Easter had improved a lot in terms of cooperating as well as communicating. I felt so happy to see such a great environment like that. At the end of that week, I received a chocolate bunny from one of my group members and I felt that our team was really like a family. Volunteering at spring camp was such an unforgettable experience for me and it was definitely one of the greatest memories I’ve ever had in the age of 15 of my life. If there is any more activities like this in the future and my schedule is open, I would definitely sign up for that as well!
Lily Xie, volunteer 





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