World Culture Society

Objective of the Club

World Culture Society is a friendly and engaging platform for students to explore different cultures and share about their own.

The goal of the club is to provide students with an environment to learn and adapt to Canadian culture while broadening their knowledge about the world.







Main activities

  • Empower students through cultural appreciation
  • Make new friends
  • Learn about Lifeskills
  • Play team-bonding games
  • Eat yummy snacks
  • Go on field trips to bond and develop a safe circle of friends

WCS Youth Mentorship Program

Students from the club volunteer to prepare and share various cultural and team bonding activities with their peers. They will be guided on how to select and present their information, throughout the planning and preparation process. This will culminate in a public speaking opportunity, during a selected WCS sharing session. Some examples are that of quizzes, games and cultural related activities like the making of onigiri (Japanese rice dumpling) and language games.  There is a final award presentation for these youths at the end of the program to acknowledge their efforts and kind contributions.

Further Youth Leadership Opportunities

Through these clubs and bonding sessions, students gain the confidence to take on leadership roles. We offer them volunteer opportunities at our annual Spring and Summer Camps. At these camps, they learn how to guide and assist young children, and most importantly, understand the importance of giving back to the community. Some participants eventually move on to taking up major roles such as Camp Coordinators and Camp Assistants, where they take the lead in the planning of camp themes, learning activities and field trips for the young campers.

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